1. 01 How do I place an order online?

    After signing-up on our site uktobg.com you: Will receive a real address in London (UK) and in Trier (GER) and a personal number (ID). You can send your shipments bought online at the indicated address by filling in the details, which we have provided to you, in the specified way. After the arrival of your shipments at the indicated addresses in UK/GER we transport them to Bulgaria.

  2. 02 What are the steps for purchase and shipping of a product selected by me in an online store?

    Before you pay the selected item, please fill in your name and surname in Latin script and your personal number (ID), indicate the address you have received by us in London (UK) or in Trier (GER).

  3. 03 After purchase of an item from an online store, what is the time for its receiving at the indicated address in London (UK)/ Trier (GER)?

    The delivery time depends on the courier service that you have selected. (Between 1 – 4 days) After arriving at the address in London (UK)/ Trier (GER), you will receive an e-mail at the time of reporting of the shipping, and information about the weight and a photo of the bill of lading. The delivery time for the Republic of Bulgaria is 10 (ten) working days from the date of the course (see the schedule).

  4. 04 Are your employees allowed to open the received online shipments?

    No, except in the cases in which the customer requires this from us.

  5. 05 Can I order online goods from other countries outside the European Union (China, USA, etc.) at the address in the city of London (UK)/ Trier (GER)?

    Yes, you can order goods from anywhere in the world. If in the arrival at the address in the city of London (UK) / Trier (GER) it turns out that the good is subject to customs duties, the courier company must notify you by an e-mail or otherwise you should check on their site by tracking the shipment with the tracking number that was sent to you by the seller after he had handed the shipment over to the courier. If you buy online goods outside of the EU, you have to pay a customs fee for delivery to the United Kingdom (if the value is over £ 120) and VAT for import (if the value is over £ 18) on the purchase price. For more information (see the link): https://www.hmrc.gov.uk/customs/post/internet.htm

  6. 06 Do you issue invoices?

    Yes, at your request.

  7. 07 When shopping from an online store, you need to provide a telephone number. What number should I provide?

    You can use our office phone number: UK: 00447438495736 GER: 00496588983342

  8. 08 Are the shipments insured during the transportation?

    Yes, all the shipments are insured on the bases of the Convention on the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CRM) up to BGN 50 for every shipment. The amount is determined depending on the transport fee: BGN 2/ kg from England and BGN 3/ kg from Germany.

  9. 09 If the shipment has a higher value, can I insure it extra?

    Yes, you can insure it extra. In this case you shall register the shipment and enter its value. The additional insurance is not valid if the shipment is not registered on our site: www.uktobg.com.

  10. 10 Is it obligatory to register my shipments on www.uktobg.com and to enter the tracking number?

    Yes, it is obligatory to register the shipments and the tracking number, so we can notify you about the status of the shipments. In case you do not register a shipment and a tracking number www.uktobg.com is relieved of all responsibility to it.

  11. 11 How do I find the tracking number of the shipment?

    Most of the sellers/sites send this number to you (buyer) on your e-mail, after the shipment is handed over to a courier in England or in Germany. If they do not do that, you need to require it from them.

  12. 12 If the shipment arrives in bulk or its package is damaged, will your employees take care of its packaging?

    Yes, an employee of www.uktobg.com will take care of the packaging and repackaging of your items (see the prices).

  13. 13 Do you offer a service “collection and payment of a shipment” from an address in and outside London?

    Yes, we offer such service. (see the prices)

  14. 14 Do you offer a service “collection and payment of a shipment” from an address in and outside Trier?

    No, we do not offer such service.

  15. 15 How do you charge light and bulk shipments?

    All shipments under 10 kg and with a length of more than 69 cm are charged according to the formula width/ height/ length ÷ 6000. The resulting figure is the real kilograms.

  16. 16 Is there a charge for storing of the shipment and what is the period after which it is charged?

    If the shipment(s) is (are) not taken by their holder within 7 (seven) working days from the announced date for delivery or after receiving a notification e-mail, BGN 3/ day will be automatically charged for each shipment.

  17. 17 What happens if my shipment arrives without a name or an ID number?

    Our employees take a picture of the received shipment and upload it to www.uktobg.com in the column “Unrecognized shipments” which is in the account of each customer. There the shipment can be recognized by you through the bill of lading (tracking number) and you can make a direct inquiry to us.

  18. 18 What happens to unclaimed shipments?

    The shipments are kept for up to 90 days from the date of the course. If the owners do not seek them before the expiration of the period of 90 days, then the shipments will be destroyed.

  19. 19 If I receive a defective / wrong shipment from the seller / site, do you offer the service return back?

    Yes, we offer such service. For a shipment of up to 10 kg the price is £ 10 (the equivalence in BGN). It shall be paid in advance at our office. All shipments have a return period to the sellers / sites, so make sure you can observe it (look the schedule Bulgaria – England), (look the schedule Bulgaria – Germany). Typically, there is an accompanying document (return label) with the product. Once the shipment arrives to an office in London / Trier, we can deliver it to a local mail office (collect +) for free. If it is with another courier, you can demand the shipment to be taken from an address in London / Trier.